Free Racetrack Car Carier Tutorial

I would like to share with you how I made this racetrack for my son for free. It wraps up for easy clean up after play and to take alone to the Dr.s office or to a person´s house that doesn´t have kids or toys. My son already loves it.

Materials needed

  • Sewing Machine (unless you really like sewing with your hands)
  • Thread (what ever  color is fine)
  • An old pair of jeans a
  • An old pair of slacks (pref black but brown could work to)
  • Batting (only if you have it handy)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Velcro that glues on and is 3and a half x 3/4ths of an inch long or elastic and a large button

I used  my favorite pair of jeans that I had worn til there were holes in the inseam.

I went ahead and cut the inseam out, then I cut the bottom seam off and laid the pant legs facing each other.

I cut the pant legs off  26 inches long. (this will be your canvas for the racetrack and the backing.

I got the black slacks and cut one leg off at 26 inches.

Freehanding it, I cut the slack leg to look like a oval race track, using the jean pant leg as a guide. Do not discard the middle because we will use that later to make the parking lot in the middle.

Using the jean leg as a guide I cut out the batting to fit.

With the batting in place I pinned the racetrack on the jean material, Now sew it on. This does not have to be pretty, Mine isn’t and my son loves it. It can be difficult to because of the batting (if you are using it)

Then I cut the center that you got from your racetrack in half (down the seam) and used it to make the parking lot in the middle. I sewed one end down the length of it to make a nice edge and then measured the length to find the middle. Then pinned the middle to the center of the inside of the racetrack using the pic as a guide. Then use a car to measure where the next pin needs to go. I pinned top and bottom of the line were the lines in the parking lot would split the spaces. My spaces are far from being even but the cars fit into them and that is what matters to a toddler. Sew the back of the parking space last because there will be some overlap of materials to make up for the give in material for the paces.  Do this step twice so that you have 8 spaces like in the pic.

(if you are using velcro)Now cut a 3 inch strip of material from the left overs of the jeans that is 21 inches long and fold it in half length wise and sew the long end, turn it inside out (this will become the strap that keeps the role closed) Then sew the ends closed after folding them in. Lay this down on the back panel of the role so that 4 inches sick out of the short end (using pic to guide you) Sew it on the back pannel starting 1 inch in to the fabric to leave enough fabric to sew the panels together with out sewing into the strap. Stick the hook part of the velcro on the bottom of the end that is sticking out and then the loop and then 2 loop stickies at the other end of the strap. Sew them down so that they don’t come off.

Then making the panels face each other so the wrong side is out sew almost all the way around but leaving a big enough opening to turn the project right side out. Then topstitch all the way around to that it looks better. Et voir la! You have made a racetrack for a lucky child out of clothing that is no longer used.


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