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Itty-Bitty Update.

I got a little sidetracked this week. I finished the doll and her hat but I ran into a problem with the children´s hat and, well, got sidetracked by my tea leaf cardi. I did get the wrap me up puppies started but not finished so for this month I am a little behind on my itty-bitty knitting.

The doll was a large project though with a lot of knitting. there was the doll, the undies, the dress, and the 2 hats involved in that one so I think it should count as 2-3 projects. She is amazingly cute though and going to a great home on the 28th of this month.

The Wrap me up puppies are started. Well, I have finished the body, ears and two back legs. I haven’t attached the legs yet. It sort of looks like a guinea pig right now.

The Tea Leaf is coming along. It is way to hot to be knitting on this but I really want to finish it so that I can start on the Shalom. I’m really wanting to have some amazing sweaters this fall.
I’ve been told that 2 of my sponsors are sending me yarn for some projects this week so keep posted. I’ll have to really start knitting when I get them there will be some giveaways you guys! I’m super excited.
I think I have a bit of knitting block. You know when you have a deadline on a project but all you can think about is another project. All I can think about right now is designing and knitting these sweaters but I have other things to do. I’m sure as soon as I get this yummy yarn in from my sponsors that I will just melt and knit up a storm in the toy area. What do you do when you have knitter’s block?

My garden got a bit dried up this last week. I forgot to water it since I haven’t had to water since spring because of all the rain we have been having. Well it didn’t rain much for over a week and lets just say my garden was very SAD in the 100+ degree weather. I watered well on Saturday after this amazing harvest but then it rained cats and dogs on Sunday. I’ve started ripping things out but have a ways to go to get my fall plants and seeds in the ground.
This weekend was a bit fun. We got the pool going for O and we just hung out and played.

The only thing that was not fun is M has had an ear infection for a week now and we have had to give him meds which in return have given him diaper rash. Makes for a not so happy little man. Oh, and want to add M is 6 months today!!!

Poor little dude is getting his first cereal from his daddy. Most of it just came right back out but he liked the way it tasted.
Well, wish me some knitting right a long vibes so that I stay on schedule. I need to knit up 3 toys this month. Keep me on track.
Oh, and I actually sold my pattern to some people. I’m so excited. I’m a designer!


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