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Itty-Bitty Update.

Ok so I’ve been a bit destracted the last few days with my first design and I have a few questions for my readers. Remember the yarn that inspired me last week? Well I designed my first design with it and came up with this:

It is a iPad case and it is not quite done. I need your opinion. You see the roses? well I have 2 more that I made. Should I put them on? Maybe on the front in the opposite corner to the top or on the other side of the bag? I haven’t sewn in the lining because I needed to take pics of what I did to it. I also wanted to know what you think about the pattern. If I make it available on Ravelry, should I make it free since it is my first pattern or do you guys think that I could charge something small like 30 cents?
I have an idea for another case that you can open like a book. That will be more manly for my hubby. He can’t really be seen with this around town.

I have been working on the Baby doll a little. I’m almost done. Just have some weaving in of ends and the braids to make. Then it is the bouncy ball so that I have something quick to finish by the end of the month and then hopefully I will have yarn from one of the sponsors to make more toys and I will whip it up and have another giveaway!

This weekend I did some mowing and edging. It’s a lot of work even just doing the front yard. with first mowing, then edging and then sweeping everything up of the sidewalk and driveway. I meant to clean up my flowerbeds but it was too hot and I was already a bit burnt from the sun.
My husband was suppose to fix my trellis this weekend but it didn’t happen with company being in town, my in-laws were here, but he did mow the back yard. We have had so much rain this summer that the grass grows super fast. We have to mow every weekend or it gets to the point our mower can’t handle. it.
Needless to say I did not get to cleaning up my veggie garden. I need to pull up some of my plants that I don’t enjoy and anything that is not producing.


3 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty Update.

  1. Ooh the iPad case is gorgeous! I wouldn't add any more roses, actually, the balance seems pretty perfect as it is.

    The Ravelry charge question is a tricky one. On one hand, I'd say you should value your work, and charge a decent amount – and I think people would pay it. On the other hand, more people will undoubtedly knit it if it's free! So it's up to you…


  2. I really like the number of roses you have on it now. I would just leave it as is. In regards as to whether or not your should charge I would have to agree with the above poster. Good luck!


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