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Itty Bitty Update and Winner of Yarn!

This week I have been knitting my 30 min a day and also putting time into finding sponsors for the toys I don’t have yarn for yet. This knitting through the book business is starting to get quite expensive. I’ve been in luck and have a few sponsors lined up and will tell you who they are when I knit the toys. Some are sponsoring yarn giveaways as well, so stay tuned for that. I’m very excited about this.

I’ve finished everything but the hat for the baby doll. So this week I made her dress and her bloomers.

I am also knitting the elefante, the free pattern on Susan B Anderson’s site, for my LYS because I am teaching a class on how to make it on the 14th of August. Hoping I get a better turn out than last time. This one is made with Alchemy DK fuchsia and plum. It’s been a fun quick knit. I just have to attach the legs and make the ears and eyes and it’s finished.
Next month I might add a market bag class to the list. I was very inspired by a raveler  to make market bags for x-mas presents this year. Rae Lynne hand dyed yarn is amazing! She is about to open her own etsy shop and I think I just might be one of her first customers to buy this amazing yarn and one of her needle cases.

I also sewed a project bag yesterday. It did turn out a bit long and thin though. But very usable. In it you can see a yarn that I could not resist when I went to my LYS. It’s the Plymouth yarn Kudo. I think I will make my first original pattern out of this and I know exactly what it will look like. I’m so excited about it that it is hard not to just start. But I have to be good and finish what I need to finish. If I get far ahead of my itty-bitty toy knitting then I might give it a go.
The trellis in my garden fell down. It was a mess before but now it’s a complete mess. I tried one of the banana melons but it was not quite ripe. It sort of tasted like a cucumber. I also harvested some of the Futsu squash and I plan to make up a recipe for them.

We have a winner for the yarn and it is #75 picked by

Anonymous Anonymous said…
What a spunky bundle of yarn!

Thank you to everyone that took part in this giveaway. I was very happy to see how many people left a comment and even blogged about the giveaway. Hopefully I will get such a good turn out for future giveaways. Looking forward to reading your future comments.

I do have a question for your guys. Do you like having the knitting and the garden stuff in the same post or should I have separate days for this?


7 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Update and Winner of Yarn!

  1. Your toys look great! I can't wait to see them when they're done.

    And I actually think a long skinny project bag is a useful shape. You could work on multicolor projects with out having the skeins sit on each other and get tangled up in the bag.


  2. I enjoy your blog just as you write it….. love the gardening bits too. Our gardens are so far behind yours up here where I live. It's encouraging to see what our harvest will produce in a month or two. Your baby looks lovely dressed , and I can't wait to see elephante all together. It's going to be fibrant and fun for sure.


  3. That Plymouth Kudo yarn looks so pretty!

    I know how that is, sewing a box project bag, and it ends up being too long. At least yours is large enough for yarn/w.i.p, mine was way to small. I'll be sewing another one soon though.

    Great blog by the way, 🙂

    ~ Eliana ~


  4. I like the blog as is, with a bit of everything in the posts.

    I've made Elefante twice (one was given to DGS#1, one is pending for my DGNiece). It's a great pattern and toy. I am not a crocheter but was stubbornly going to do the ears as in the pattern. I think I made 4 or 5 ears for each Elefante before I got 2 that worked. (Yes, I frogged them, mostly.) If people see how cute she/he turns out, they should come for the class. It's a great toddler toy. DH was convinced that Elefante had to be elephant color so when he was out, he got me the yarn. But one has pink toes and the other has turquoise toes (just the bottoms of the legs). Love the pattern and toy, though, any color you make it.


  5. Sorry I havent been able to post sooner. Thank you so much for drawing me as the winner!

    Love your site, it always brightens my day 🙂


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