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Decluttering My Life Saturdays

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I’m back with my decluttering my life Saturday and I was good this week.  I didn’t find a buyer for my stroller but I did get rid of 10 things from my junk drawer. I’m just surprised at the things that my husband or I think of keeping. Things like a cork from a champagne bottle, the glass from around a cheep candle (threw 2 of these away), a plastic zippered bag from a make-up purchase, an old yellow pages book, old ugly nail polish, an ugly nail polish that was given to me, a candle that never stayed lit, and there were 2 other things that I can’t remember but I made sure that there were 10.

Next up is going under my sink and getting rid of 10 things that I don’t use. If I don’t have a whole 10 from there I will go down into my basement and get the rest from there. Anybody with me?


4 thoughts on “Decluttering My Life Saturdays

  1. My daughter and I were doing that last winter. Sunday night we would each take a bag or box and fill it with 10 items to throw away, Monday being trash day. We started with the basement and then worked our way to our rooms. I wonder when we stopped doing that? Well, Sarah is up north until next Sunday, so, when she gets home, we will start that again. She declared, before she left, that when she returns, we each have to start cleaning closets. The “treasures” either go in the garage sale pile or the garbage. I am all for it.


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