Green Tip Thursday- Quality Over Quantity.

Today I will be talking about having good quality toys for your children in stead of heaps of junk that was played with once or never and then thrown in a corner. It can be hard to talk to family about the toy issue but there are several ways to make toy buying easy and affordable for the family. Making sure that they don’t spend money on just some cheep toy just to get something and often they don’t even know what they are getting and are just getting something so they have something to bring. They can get together with other family members and get a good quality gift and if that is not an option they can just buy a gift certificate to the place of your preference. I’m sure the family and friends will think you are being a snob but if you explain that you are trying to simplify and make your child’s pay area inviting and inspiring then they will understand.

Here are some of the toys that we got from Target a few weeks back and they get plenty of play and some nice wooden puzzles that O got from his Aunt.

Instruments For the boys to play with all packed away in a drum 
Nesting boxes! These are a great teaching tool for counting and letters.

These are great because they are thick enough to stand them up and use them as toys. We also learn the names of the animals and the sounds they make. 
I recently went through the boys toys and got rid of all the things that they don’t play with. I’m trying to limit my boys exposure to plastic. 
But the Quality over Quantity goes for everything. Please buy the good stuff so you buy less stuff instead of the cheep stuff and lots of it because it doesn’t last.
I hope you’ve had a lovely week. 
I’ll be back to my normal blogging schedule next week. 
Good luck with the Yarn Giveaway!

3 thoughts on “Green Tip Thursday- Quality Over Quantity.

  1. My advice is donate it. Take it back from where she got it and get the money back. Sometimes you just have to be rude about this but you decide what your kids get to play with and what they don't. Simplify for them so they learn not to keep things just because the object was given to them. My MIL is actually very good about quality toys and so is my sister in law so I'm very lucky there. But I also talked about this before we had our boys.


  2. Yes, we donate quite a lot. But most of it is so junky that I feel bad about donating it. And I feel bad about throwing it away. We've talked to her umpteen times and she'll be good for a little while but then she “forgets” and goes back to her own ways. This past Easter the “Easter Bunny” gave my DD what I thought was a very nice set of 25 Crayola markers. Yesterday my MIL shows up with a box of 50 of the same markers. So now our nice gift seems not so nice 😦 It takes all of my self-control to not be rude to the woman sometimes!


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