Sharing Friday!

It’s been an interesting week and it has gone by so quickly. I can’t believe it is Friday all ready .
The boys are growing and maturing every day. O has taken a giant leap and peed in the potty a few times for me the last 2 days. The first time he did it again (he started 4 months ago and quit) I literally jumped for joy. I will be so happy when I don’t have to wash diapers after 2 kids or spend the crazy amount of money I do on disposables for night time and out of the house use.
M got his first round of shots on Friday and has had issues with vomiting since. He was nice enough to cover me and my husband with vomit in the middle of the night in our bed. You know at that point I was thinking Yay what a fun night. Of course after that he was awake and I needed to get him back down. I didn’t want to keep my husband up or wake O up (he still sleeps in our room in his crib) so I took M down to the living room and when he didn’t fall asleep with in 15 min I decided to turn on my media center and watch Weeds – Season Four. Nothing like watching a single mom helping the Mexican mob smuggle drugs and people into the US while trying to get your 5 month old to go back to sleep at 3am in the morning. He was out 10 min later so I stopped the drug smuggling mom and went back to bed just to be thrown up on again at 6 in the morning. It was a beautiful day. Especially since I had been sick since 2 days before and hadn’t gone to bed til 1 in the morning because of stomach cramps. Anyway bad night.

Now My back is out. I was home alone with my boys when my back gave. O was up in his room napping and I grabbed M and sat down on the couch next to my computer so that I could contact someone to help me. I e-mailed my husband and he left work early to come help me. I’m still stuck on the same couch but I’m not stuck with a 5 month old. Now I’m hoping that I don’t have to go to the bathroom any time soon.

On the bright side, I have nothing better to do than knit while I’m stuck here.
I know every mom does this but I just marvel at my boys’ beauty and how amazing they are.


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