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Green Tip Thursday- Shade Trees

My green tip of the day are shade trees around your house. You want to get a tree that grows well in your area with out much attention being paid to it. Of course while it is getting its roots in place you do have to water it but as soon as the roots have taken then you shouldn’t have to water it anymore. If you just mulch it’s leaves around it with your lawn mower in the fall then you have feed it for the next season.
I just planted a maple tree in the front yard to better the environment and to lower our energy bill. Good shade tree will lower the temp by 2-10 degrees around it. This spreads the savings to you and your home.

Just make sure you do not plant it too close to your home because the roots could damage your foundation. Also find out where your water and sewer line is and don’t plant it too close to them because the roots look for water and could brake into these lines for nutrition and make a mess.
So if you have a front and a back yard then it is good to plant one in the back and one in the front for good shade (more if you have a huge lawn. Just go to your local nursery and ask them for a shade tree that doesn’t need to much attention but grows fast. Also it never hurts to ask for a discount. If it is locally owned I am sure that they will give you a discount if you as for one. I bought mine at Lowe’s because it was on major sale. It’s not the prettiest tree but I got it for 7 dollars and it will grow into it’s self. It was marked at 22 dollars.


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