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Late Itty Bitty and Garden Update.

Was a little ADD with my knitting again this week. I was very ill yesterday morning with a stomach bug so I didin’t get much done with my knitting yesterday. I’m still really tired but with 2 little ones there is no rest for the weary.
I joined the Tour de Fleece on the itty-bitty knitting forum on where we have all decided to knit for at least 30 min a day and I decided in the 3 weeks of the tour de fleece that I was going to finish: the baby doll,the nesting boxes, the grapes from finger food, knit a new sock monkey, sew 2 project bags and if I have time to re-re-knit the cedar leaf shawlette on even smaller needles and knit it tight and I’m sure I will have enough yarn for it finally since now I have knit it 2 times and run out of yarn with just a little bit more to go.

After I posted my last update I finished knitting the baby sophisticate for my friend in Iceland that just had the cutest little boy (Aside from mine of course) and on Wednesday when I went to my LYS to knit I wove in all the ends and it is just missing some new buttons.

Sunday I made an arm for the baby doll and started on the second one.

I cast on for the cedar leaf again! (I couldn’t wait) and yesterday while I felt like poo but I couldn’t nap with M because I was waiting for a customer to come pick up a order from my store so I knit on the shawlette.

Yesterday I knit a little on my Tea Leaf Cardigan.

There has been quite a bit of rain the last few weeks and my garden could not be happier. It’s just going crazy! We have had so many cucumbers and I’ve been enjoying some green beans. The black beans are almost ready and I have no clue how big the watermelon will get. The Banana melon is getting pretty large as well and the black futsu squash is producing so many fruit that I have no clue how we are going to eat all of it. Hopefully I will get plenty of pumpkin to can and lots of sweat potatoes but there is a while to go for those. the corn is producing ears.

Sweeter Yet Cucumbers are the best for cutting and eating fresh.
You can see that sunflower is taller than my 8 foot trellis
This is the pumpkin vine just taking over everything!
Orange watermelon and it’s getting big. Hopefully big enough to eat soon. 
Pumpkin flower
Black Futsu Squash that is jut producing like crazy and man you have to have room for this one to let it grow.
Banana melon

I had to sneak a pic of my new 2009 Mazda5 in. This is the newest and nicest car I have ever owned. We bought it on Thursday. I’ll get shots from the inside of it on Thursday after Carmax details it on the inside. They were suppose to do that while my husband was signing the paperwork but it was filthy on the inside. I wouldn’t have believed that a car dealership would even keep cars for sale that were so dirty on the inside. Anyway I called and they are going to take care of it. 
Here is a pic of O in the car with his dad on his way to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Me and M enjoyed a weekend alone at home. It was nice to not have to pick up after anybody but myself and M.
And some pics from this morning.

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