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It pays to call.

I’m going to share with you something that every mother should know. IT PAYS TO CALL. When you are unhappy with a service CALL. If you didn’t get what you ordered or got poor quality when you went through the drive through, CALL. They will let you come back later and get a free meal on them. If you ordered something and it was not up to par. CALL they might even give you a free gift to make up for their mistake.

Today I got my package from I had ordered my son’s natural, expensive disposables plus nursing pads and method cleaning products. Well the method detergent opened in the shipping process and some of it was all over the box. I called and they are sending me a replacement for all of it. I can salvage all the packaged stuff and only half of the detergent. I did have to toss 4 of the diapers but otherwise I will be getting $70 of free stuff just because I called to let them know.

From Calling I have gotten free gifts, free meals and full refunds while keeping the product just because I wasn´t 100% happy with it. Those numbers on the food boxes are worth calling if one of the packages is open or you found a bug in your food (this has happened to me) they will send you coupons that cover at least 2 of a new product. For free.

The worst thing that could happen is they say you are poo out of luck but most of the time they will do something for your trouble.


One thought on “It pays to call.

  1. Great advice. I do the same thing, especially at food establishments. I have gotten free meals EVERY time. I never complained, just let them know there was something wrong. They were so gracious for the kind complaint.


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