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Late Itty Bitty and Garden Update.

Yes it´s Monday again and I can´t believe that another week has flown by with out me noticing it. I remember when O was a baby I waited and waited for the first 6 months to go by so he could start eating food but now 5 months are almost gone since M was born and I´m just thinking “Slow Down” He is just growing to fast.

This week was spent on a surprise project. My friend in Iceland had her baby a little early so I decided to throw together a little something for her little boy. What do you guys think. It’s a size 6-12 months so that it can be used a little longer. I almost want to keep it for my own son but I can make another for him. It’s made with pure merino wool from berocco that I had in my stash. I didn’t have enough of the chocolate so I added some baby blue. It’s the baby sophisticate by Linden Heflin and a super quick and easy knit.

I knit a few rows of the Tea Leaf Cardigan but with the baby sweater needing to be knit ASAP I didn’t do much.

I also had my class that I was teaching on making the Koala Baby from itty bitty toys by Susan B Anderson so I had to make another Baby Koala and it will be living at my local yarn store. The class went well. I would have wanted more time. For something like this you need a little more time than just an hour and a half. I think I was able to teach them to close the squishies and one of the ladies was learning how to knit front and back of a stitch for the increase. I also showed them how to graft the head on and the arm and all that fun stuff. Hopefully the next class will have more people in it though. Maybe I will teach the baby doll or the giraffe.
Baby doll was on hold since the little girl’s birthday is over a month away.

My husband has a favorite pillow for laying on the couch but it had gotten so bad that the stuffing was falling out of the front of it. He hasn’t found anything that is as comfy yet so in the mean time I made a cover over the old nasty pillow. I do have to admit that it is pretty perfect on size and squishiness. I’m thinking about doing some embroidery in the pillow case I made for it. I had flowers made from fabric to put on it but hubby was not a fan so Oh well. Do you have something that your husband can’t part with but you would be so happy if it just suddenly vanished?
On to the giveaway note. If the person that I mentioned in my last post does not get back to me in 2 weeks then I will host a second chance to win the yarn!

Anyway, My garden has been going crazy lately and it’s getting hard to walk around my beds to look for produce. So here are the pics.

Here is how much the watermelon has grown in one week

This is how much the winter squash has grown in a week.

The corn looks good
This is the Luffa and it’s just going crazy. It just keeps growing and growing.

Squash flower

Cow peas

My sweet little man helping me take pics of the garden this morning

The roses that mom and dad planted when they were here.


Sunflower that I didn’t plant but I really like so it gets to stay.

Double blooming day lilies that were here when we bought the place.

Day lilies that I got from the neighbor. She has lots of very pretty lilies

The heirloom rosebush in my back yard has a hip for the first time since I bought the house 5 years ago. I think I will try to grow the seeds. We will see how that goes. 

I Really like these cone flowers.

The crazy bed of roses and daylilies.

My big boy still LOVES his snooder (pacifier)! We ended up getting the flat kind that doesn’t mess with his teeth.

He really enjoys coloring at the moment which I like because it keeps him occupied for a while.

And when M does this I get an opportunity to finish my blog posts.

3 thoughts on “Late Itty Bitty and Garden Update.

  1. There is too much to comment on. WOW!!!! The baby sweater is absolutely GORGEOUS. What a treasure. And your Tea Leaf Cardigan, BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to see the finished sweater. I love the yarn you chose.
    I would love to sit in your yard, taking in all the sights. Your flowers and your veggies, FANTASTIC!
    And last but not least, your children are just adorable.


  2. Your sweater looks amazing!! I just had to comment because everything is so beautiful…the children, the flowers, the produce, the knitting, the pillow covering…everything! I so enjoy reading your blog and looking at your photos, you do such a fantastic job 🙂


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