(Late) Wednesday Favorite- Fitted Couch Covers

Sorry how late this is. I started writing this yesterday but realized that I needed to wash the covers before taking a pic of them. They had gotten pretty bad. Excuse the mess in the pic and try to just focus on the couch covers.
So on today´s Wednesday Favorite I´m talking about my couch covers. I bought some over a month ago and I love them. I have a toddler and a 4 month old that tend to make a mess. There is spit up and juice and chocolate (I have no idea who gives him this stuff) and runny noses that somehow get wiped on the couch. Even drool. I have 3 year old red couches that were starting to look pretty bad after having 3 cats inside and 2 children so I started thinking about what I could do to make my living room more inviting and less eeeww. Anyway, since we are looking for a car new couches were out of the picture so I was keeping my eye open for something that will work for me and my family. I was reading a blog by a mom (sorry can´t remember who it was) that talked about how surprised people were that she had small children and white slip covers for her couch. When she explained that with them being white she can bleach them in the wash it made sense and I thought I can do that. SO I started looking at some thing that will work for me. I ended up on SureFit and bought the cheapest ones they had for the couch, love seat, and the chair. I am really happy that I did. Now I can just toss the covers in the wash every 2 weeks and it doesn´t matter if the boys drool or wipe their noses on the couch. It all comes out in the wash. It also looks nice and makes the air quality better in my home. I remember sitting down in the couches before the covers and dust would fill the air even after vacuuming but now since it gets washed regularly there is no dust flying into the air when we sit down or my son jumps on the couch.
I know there are tutorials out there on how to make your own slip covers but I just didn´t have the time to make them so I bought them. I think the material would have cost me as much as just buying them ready made anyway.

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