Grean Tip Thursday- Wine Bottles

Do you like wine? I do. But what to do with the wine bottles when all the wine is gone? Here are some things that wine bottles can be used for.
-I use one for watering my indoor plants
– great candle holders
– after getting cleaned they are very nice to use during dinner parties or just every night to serve water as long as it is the clear bottles that have been cleaned well with a bottle scrubber and soap.
-If you drink lots of wine and have lots of bottles you could probably get free wine if you call your local brewing club and ask if someone needs bottles. That way the bottles get reused for holding wine again and I´m sure the person making the wine will pay you back with wine.
-It is also good to role out dough
– great single flower vase for flowers like a rose or a small sunflower.

Do you know of any other uses for the bottle? If you do I would love to know.

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One thought on “Grean Tip Thursday- Wine Bottles

  1. Can also buy the plugs designed for oil or vinegar and use them as decanters/dispensers. I do that. That way you can buy the large gallon size oil or vinegar (for economy) and refill the convenience size bottles to keep handy when cooking. Can find these plugs online. Search for “bottle pourers”. Also can find in kitchen stores.


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