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Itty Bitty Update and Yarn Giveaway!

I got some things finished last week including baby bear and dyeing my first skein of yarn.

So here is my baby bear. We call him our special little guy because even though you can´t see it in this more flattering pic he does look a little ”special”. We love him anyway! I should have made him on a smaller needle though. I don´t think I knit as tightly as Susan does.

I finished another square for the boys see and feel blanket. It was a fun knit.

I´ve re knit the cedar leaf and I still think I will be short on yarn. I guess I will have to try to find another skein of this color. Won´t that just be a /&%$.

I colored the yarn for the tea leaf cardigan as you can see. I´m keeping the main color secret for now. You will see the final project. Apparently I am not allowed to dye yarn because the day after I do it rains and since I use the sun as me heat source, because I don´t have anything else handy (no extra microwave or pots) and I don´t want to get one till I´m sure that I´m going to be doing a lot of this, I don´t get to enjoy what I have done till I have a few good sunny days. I´m starting to think I am going to be doing a lot of dyeing though. I really enjoy the process. So I guess I´m going to be having to hit the thrift shops to buy some sort of heat source.

I´m proud to introduce my first dyed skein of yarn and it is up for grabs in a giveaway. It´s a 100 gram skein of merino wool from Knit Picks in fingering weight. I love the color. It just reminds me of days on the beach in France. It´s such a bright and happy color. I like this so much that I thought about not giving it away and just making a citron shawl out of it. But I had already promised this so here it is.
Anyway, if you would like to enter to win this skein you can leave a comment. Only one comment per person unless you are or become a follower then enter another comment telling me that you are a follower and then you have double the chance of winning this 440 yards of beautiful yarn.
You can enter till midnight Saturday and then I will announce the winner on Monday during my itty bitty update.  


90 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Update and Yarn Giveaway!

  1. I love your itty bitty bear. He looks wonderful. I plan on starting him soon.
    Your first dyed skein of yarn, BEAUTIFUL. I think whoever wins it needs to give it back to you and wait for another skein. It is your first. YOU need to enjoy it and make your shawl. It is gorgeous.



  2. When the color is pink it must be for me. My most favorite color. It matches the 3 exterior doors of our home. If you don't believe me I will send the picturre if I win.


  3. Just became a follower. Looking forward to what you have to say. Love the yarn! Beautiful color-no wonder you want to keep it!


  4. I'm following you.

    I don't think your bear is “special” at all! In fact I think he's sweet!

    See and feel blanket? What a neat idea!

    I love the cedar leaf knit, it's a lovely shade of green!

    Keep your needles clicking!



  5. The yarn is such a beautiful spring/summer color. Well done. Of course it would be even more lovely if I won it. 🙂

    I can't end this comment without a mention of that adorable teddy bear. Just makes one want o reach out and cuddle him for sure.


  6. I found you on the Ravelry gradschool group… I'll be definitively coming back with better time to read, your posts seem very interesting. And I love the teddy bear on this post!


  7. I really like your teddy bear. I've wanted that book for a while now. If I win that skein my wish is that you'd keep it since it's your 1st. It's beautiful, reminds me of a rose.


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