Sharing Friday!

We have been getting a bit of cabin fever here at our house. We only have one car in use because my car can´t run in temps over 90. So we are at home a lot. I try to keep us busy with activities like art, playing with building blocks, playing with trains, water play and yes people my kids watch TV. Not proud but sometimes mamma (no it´s not a typo that´s how it´s spelled in Icelandic) just needs a brake and Wall-E or Thomas the train becomes mamma´s best friend.

I did a wool wash and realized that I have made quite a few wool covers for the boys. Most in turtle butt style but I have to share that Malibrigo yarn is not a good choice for longies. It pills way too much. I end up having to pull all of the pills off each time I wash them. It´s a lot of work.
We were fortunate that some friends of ours came over yesterday to play and have a snack. I really needs the company. He has issues with sharing and it´s something that we are working on. The only problem is that usually when people come over M needs some extra attention or he needs to nurse so I cant be on O and his sharing issue. I guess I just need to sit down in the play area while nursing so that I can keep an eye on him. Not only that but the boys started hitting each other yesterday. I was mortified that my son would even think that it was OK. Anybody else have sharing issues with their toddlers?


2 thoughts on “Sharing Friday!

  1. I love your longies! I actually like my Malabrigo diaper cover. While it wears more than non-merino covers, it's so so so soft! I have noticed that merino in general wears much more.


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