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Green Tip Thursday- Cloth tissue/Wipes

Using cloth tissue or wipes saves a lot of money and keeps chemicals off your baby and you.
 I have plenty of these for my sons. I use them for runny noses, spit up, dirty faces and dirty bums. Since I cloth diaper it is very easy to use them as wipes. I just wet the wipe before the diaper changes with warm water and then when I´m done using them I just tuck it in the cloth diaper like you would with a disposable diaper and throw it in the diaper pale then it is just washed with the cloth diapers.
They are also very easy to make yourself. All you have to do is go to your local fabric store and go to the bargain bin and find some flannel or just find some cute prints that you like and cut them to size and sew the edges so that they don´t unravel. Best is to use a overlock machine but a regular sewing machine works fine.
Some people go as far as using these as bathroom tissue for themselves. For you brave souls out there I commend you. I am not quite that green yet.


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