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My Favorit Things- BabyHawk

As a mother of 2 this has been a life saver for me with both kids. Nothing soothes a cranky sleepy baby like being placed in a good baby carrier. My favorite is my BabyHawk. M has been a little hard to get down for naps and at night. He is that stage where he doesn´t want to miss anything so I strap him on in my BabyHawk and go for a walk or go water my plants or just go about my business and he is usually out in a couple of min. If he is not tired then he is just happy to be close to me like last night when I needed to go to the grocery store he just watched the people around us and was just happy. It can also be work on the back which is how I wear O which is a very tall 2 year old. I had the same BabyHawk when O was little and it saved my sanity with him as well. When I traveled from Iceland to the states this time when M was born I didn´t have a double stroller yet. O was in the stroller and M was put in the BabyHawk. It saved my life when I had to run from plane to plane. He was only 3 weeks old then.
These are not the carriers that have been in the news because of infant deaths. Those were heavily padded slings where the babies were in the pocket where they were not getting enough air. These you can always see your babies face.
I know there are several different carriers out there that are good. What is your favorite.


3 thoughts on “My Favorit Things- BabyHawk

  1. I love babywearing, life is so much better with it! We have so many varieties. This weekend I made my first mei tai, and I like it so much. I've been using the instructions on the baby hawk website about how to use it. Thanks for sharing!


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