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Late Itty Bitty and Garden Update.

Tried to post yesterday but kept getting an error message so this update is coming late.

This last week I was very ADD when it came to knitting. I´m still ahead in my knitting the itty bitty toy book so I wasn´t very motivated to only work or even finish a project out of the book. I was waiting for needles to re knit the cedar leaf shawlette so I took a hibernating project to my local yarn store on wednesday. It is an Icelandic lopi sweater that I was making for DH but I think I will just make it for me.
I´m working in baby bear. I still have the legs, ears and tail to knit and then sew on the face.

I started knitting the grapes from finger food so that I could finish that project but didn´t feel like making all the grapes. I´ll finish it as soon as I finish baby bear.

Then I found needles to knit the cedar leaf shawlette in my stash! I was so extremely happy that I cast on straight away and this is how much I have finished. I do like it better on size 7 needles.

And then just because working on that many objects isn´t enough I cast on for Citron! Yes I think I have a problem and I want to work on all the projects all the time. It´s hard to decide. I had yarn for all of this in my stash.
Of course the toys come first because they have a deadline. But the other stuff is so exciting for me. Because it´s all for me. I´m even waiting for the yarn to make Shalom and I´m sure that once it gets here that I will have a very hard time not starting it. I need to just say that I will not start any new projects until one of the projects that I am working on for myself is  finished. OK I have put it in writing and sent it out to the universe so if I start something new then you my dear readers can get on to me. This week I need to knit more of the boys blanket though. I didn´t make any squares this week. I´ll finish baby bear and the grapes and then I will make more squares for the blanket.
I received the book Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece so that I can get to dyeing the yarn that I have. I´m looking forward to seeing how it turns out and having the yarn give away on the sock yarn that I have to dye. I think I will start on it. I have some beautiful colors to dye with. They will be a surprise. I will take pics through the process with a tutorial on how to dye yarn with it if it works out.

My garden is all coming along. I´m pretty proud of is since I started all of it from seed. My Tomato plants are blooming and my okra is getting taller. The cuc plants are blooming and the sweet potato is spreading like crazy. This is the first year I grow sweet potato so I didn´t know that it was a vine. I harvested my first harvest of lettuce last week and then again this weekend. Here are some pics.


2 thoughts on “Late Itty Bitty and Garden Update.

  1. WOW!!!! You are one determined lady. Everything is looking great. I love the sweater that was suppose to be for your husband. I don't blame you for deciding to make it for you. You deserve it.
    Your garden looks FABULOUS. I am so envious. I, however, am blessed with 2 wonderful farmers markets in my area. I am going to support the farmers this year. I do have one tomato plant and one sweet pepper. That is it this year.
    Please tell me, what is that wonderful food on top of your salad? It looks delicious.


  2. Barb- The thing on top of my salad is chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and cheese. It was very good. Harvesting more lettuce tonight for dinner.


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