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Green Tip Thursday – Back yard veggies

I try my best living green. For a while there I was almost excessive but now I´m becoming more balanced for my own good.
I have decided to talk about ways that you can live a greener life style with out it being excessive work or expence.
Today I will be talking about growing your own produce. Often people think it is too much work to grow your own ”GREEN” garden. All the weed pulling, the bug picking and rain collecting. People often think that they need a large plot of land to grow the family garden as well. But one person only needs one 4×4 foot raised bed to grow the veggies they want to eat fresh over the summer or 2 of those if you want to can for the winter as well. For me and my husband and our 2 year old we have 2 8×4 foot beds. I use the square foot method modified to work for me from 5 years of tuning it to my needs.
The reason growing your own veggies is the best way to go is that you know what chemicals have been used (hopefully non), there is no pollution from the transfer of the veggies from grower to the store to your house, less produce spoils because you pick it when you are ready to eat it so it is always fresh, plus if you have children they learn what a garden looks like and the lessons of the growing cycle. Plus when you have too much and want to share your hard (well if you do it like me it´s not so hard) work with friends and family you can be proud of your superior tasting tomatoes (they really do taste sooooooooooo much better than store bought ones) and eggplant and peppers and that zucchini that just doesn´t stop. Home grown cucumbers and making your own pickles are also home grown favorites and so easy to grow. 
If you haven´t ever grown any veggies at home I recommend getting a book with a method that looks good to you and follow that method. Then through trying what works, you tweak it to work for you.

This was my second garden before I raised the beds this year. It was really good and I had high yields on everything. It was a great year. I´ll post pics of my garden this year tomorrow.  


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