Things That Make Me Happy!

Turning Wednesday into a Things that Make Me Happy days. This is to remind me to look around and count my blessings. To take my camera and take pics of the things that make me happy and my world an easier place to live in.

Today I will be talking about cloth diapers. I know I don´t talk about it here much but I run a business from my house. I own and run my own cloth diaper store. It´s called ClothDiaperHut.com and I sell everything from prefolds to all in ones. I even sell mama cloth and cloth wipes that can be used in stead of disposable wipes or tissue. But I mostly love using cloth on my kids. My kids are sensitive to the chemicals in regular disposable diapers and when I found out how many horrible chemicals are in disposables I couldn´t bring myself to put my son in another disposable. I started doing research and decided on starting with the one size (which means that they can be worn from birth till potty training) bumGenius diapers. I bought 12 of them knowing that my neighbor was using them on her son and was very happy with them. My son was 2 month then and we had lots of poo explosions when he was wearing the disposables but when we started using bumGenius we had no more problems with poo unless it wasn´t fastened well enough. Then I started using Prefolds and thirsties covers which were my back up when I didn´t do the laundry soon enough and I ran out of diapers. Anyway, I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to start my own business. I had a 4 month old and just started grad school so I decide to open my own business on top of everything and I don´t regret it at all. 

Sunning diapers is the best thing you can do for your stash, your baby, and the environment. It bleaches the stains out with out chemicals, it disinfects with out chemicals and there is no energy used except your own which is great for the waistline. It also saves money!
I´m no cloth diapering saint though. When I got pregnant for the second time I couldn´t keep up with gradschool, the business, my toddler and the laundry so I switched over to the expensive all natural disposables. 44 dollars for 4 packets. I did notice that my son started sleeping better through the night when he wore the disposables but now that I am taking a brake from grad school we cloth diaper most of the time because O´s disposables are 47 cents a diaper and M´s are 37 cents a diaper. I´m too cheep to pay that so I cloth during the day and they wear disposables at night. I´m willing to pay the 84 cents a night for a good night sleep. I´m cloth diapering 2 children saving over 110 dollars a month by doing so. This makes me happy!


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