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Finished objects this week.

I was a good little knitter this week and finished some objects. Like the Giraffe. I’ve had it finished for a while but I wasn’t very pleased with it so I wasn’t in a hurry to take or post a pic. I need to redo the mane and the face and add some more dots.

These are quick knits. They are the Finger Food from itty bitty toys. I’m working on the grapes. I’ve been using the Palette yarn from Knit Picks.

I put buttons in M’s button loafers. I made the 9 month size and they are a tiny bit big but that is how I wanted them to be. That way they might last through the fall. These were fun and easy.

I’ve started designing the blanket for my boys out of the Julia yarn that I got from a give away on Never Not Knitting. I will post the pattern on here and on when I am done.

I also knitted the Cedar Leaf Shawlette until getting to the edging and figured out that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it on a size 8 needle. I had to unravel the whole thing. This made me very sad. Then I cast on my cheap size 7 needles and cast on too few stitches and too tight and when I went to pull them off I broke my needles! At this point I just looked at my yarn and needles in disbelief wondering if this was some sort of sign. But I went ahead and ordered new needles from knit picks and I am going to try again. I needed them to knit the Tea Leaf Cardigan anyway.


6 thoughts on “Finished objects this week.

  1. I think your giraffe is darling. I love his face. Also, the finger foods, yummy.
    As far as your Cedar Leaf Shawlette, I can't imagine. I am surprised we didn't hear you screaming. I sure wouldn't have been so cool, calm, and collected.


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