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Itty Bitty Update!

So this is how far I have gotten on the Giraffe. I was ahead of schedule with my itty bitty knitting so I worked on other things this week. 
Like the Firefly Scarf and I finished it. I needed to get it done by the end of the month for the knit a long at my local yarn store Loops for a chance to win a basket full of yarn. Here is a pic of it while I was blocking it.

I have also started on The Little Button Loafers by Sylvia for M out of some leftover Knit Picks Organic Cotton. It´s been a while since I crotchet last so I had to remember the what the stitch abbreviations meant.  But I forgot to take pic of them and after I finished the scarf I started working on the Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana of Never Not Knitting and I can´t wait to finish and block it. 

Well lets move on to my gardening endeavors. This is what my garden looked like last weekend. I didn´t get enough mulch to put on the weed cloth. I bought more yesterday and lets hope it is enough. It will go down today. I plan on making a long flowerbed in front where I will grow sun flowers and a grapevine.

I also got two raspberry plants to plant where there is no weed cloth now to the right of the pic but there will be weed cloth and mulch. This will all be fenced in with a white picked fence to keep both cats and kids out of my veggie garden.

Here are some pics from my back yard.
The fruit tree that was supose to have 5 different fruit on it from graft but the grafts didn´t make it so who knows what sort of fruit it will have when it matures.
The Sunflower that came from no where. It looks like it will be tall.
The rose that mom and dad planted this spring. Looks like it will be red. I have no idea what it is or what it will look like.

This is our sad tree that went so badly when we had that ice storm in 2007 where we were with out power for 7 days.

This is the mower I use when I mow. I can´t use the gas powered one because it makes my hands hurt from it shaking so much. I can´t weedeat either. I´m sure that if I bought an electric one I could. 
Now to the front yard.

This is my house. It was built in 1927 and I LOVE it. It was 20.000 more than we were going to spend when we were house hunting 5 years ago but I just had to have it. The last few weekends I have been working on the front yard. It was a real mess after us doing nothing but mow for 2 years because last summer I was to sick from being pregnant to even bother with weeding or gardening.

Last weekend I planted this Maple that I got for $7 at Lowe´s. It was suppose to be over $22 but they were having a big tree sale and my hubby really likes Maples. I also cleaned out the left flowerbed in front of the house until I got to some poison ivy and I stopped. I’m sooooo allergic. I was itching for 2 months the last time I was exposed. This weekend I found it growing all up and down the left side of the house. I´m going to have to get some poison ivy killer. 

This is the 83 year old Oak in the neighbor´s yard. The lady that lives there is 83  as well. You can´t see it in the pic but the trunk is wider than our car.
I did some more gardening yesterday in the front. I put down some flowers in the flowerpots on the front steps and I cleared out some weeds and vines from the right flowerbed. 
I have some big news to share with you. I´m teaching my first knitting class. I´m teaching a toy knitting class from the itty bitty toys book at my LYS Loops in Utica Square. It is a series starting with the baby koala. I can´t wait to do this. It will be June 26th at 3pm for anyone that wants to show up. Cost is $25 per person. Material not included. 
Here are some pics of the boys

O got his hair cut and he was such a good sport that he got burger king as a reward.

We walked to the hair dresser and M was still sleeping so we ate outside.

This is the best double stroller in the world! It´s Phil & Teds and well worth the money.

The boys were playing so nicely together in the toy corner of the living room that I had to take a pic. I recently rearranged the living room and I am so happy with the way it turned out. I still have some finishing touches to to so I will post a pic of it later. 

This last one is of O being super sad. Even though he is crying this pic is so in the moment and to me makes it beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Update!

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! You have the same taste in houses that I do. I LOVE older homes. I love your photo of the children's play area. It looks so inviting. Where do you find the time to do all the yard work? I realize I am older than you and watch my 5 grandchildren, but still. You are amazing.
    I wish I lived in your area. I would take the knitting class you are teaching in a heartbeat. You do such beautiful work, the students will be very lucky.
    I am highly allergic to poison ivy, too. I hope you are OK.


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