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Itty Bitty Mother’s Day Weekend.

It seemed very fitting that I finished this toy right before Mother’s Day. It is the Koala mama and baby from itty bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson.
This weekend I spent knitting and gardening which are my fav. things. I also got a LOT of yarn on Friday to ooo and aaah over and dream about the things I will do to it.
I got the Cascade 220 to make the Giraffe.
I have already knit up the body and the head and I just have the legs, spots, pom poms and tail to go.
The next project in the book is finger food and it was a lot cheaper to buy whole skeins from knit picks of Pallet yarn 100% wool only $1.99 a skein and I will have plenty left over to make socks for my boys and myself. 
Next in line to knit after that is the baby bear and I found this yarn to knit it with. It is very cute and I just hope I have enough for it since it is only a 50gr. skein and the pattern used a 100gr but I don’t know if it used all of it. 
After that comes the monkey which calls for a variegated yarn but the yarn that it calls for is hard to find and expensive so I got some of the cheep $1.99 palette yarn from knit picks and I will just look at the pic in the book and change the colors to make it look the same. It’s more work but I think it will be worth it in the end to have a really nice looking monkey. 
Then there is the hippo. I’m looking forward to knitting this toy. It seams very fun. I am trying to make it look like the one in the book for very cheep again using the Palette yarn from Knit Picks. 
I chose a different color for the curly snake. It is Felici Sport in Seaside which is 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon. It’s not the bright colors like in the book but I like them. It’s self striping yarn. 
After that come the felted bouncy balls. I will probably just use the cascade yarn left overs for that. 
I don’t have yarn for the panda and the zebra hand puppets yet but 
I do have the yarn for the mama duck and ducklings and I’m looking forward to making them. I’m sure they will get a lot of play. This is another Knit Picks yarn called Shine Worsted which is a cotton blend. 
After that I’m going to make the baby doll set for my neighbors little girl’s birthday. These are the colors for he dress hat and hair. I’ll be using the rest of my organic cotton for the doll itself and the little bloomers. This will be a fun knit. 
Ah, and yes I did buy some raw merino wool in DK  and sock yarn to dye myself. The DK is to knit the Tea Leaf Cardigan while the sock yarn will be a giveaway I will have once I have finished it. 
This is all the yarn that I got on Friday.
Here is the yarn that I won from Never Not Knitting. It is Julia from Nashua Handknits. It’s 50% wool, 25% alpaca and 25% Mohair. 50gr and 93 yards. Very Yummy. I’m planing on making a blanket out of this for my boys. 
I also have this yarn from knit picks. It’s wool of the Andies in sport weight to make me some fair isles mittens next fall. 
As you can tell I have a lot of yarn to make some great things. I’ve finally graduated from being the person that just buys yarn because I think it is yummy with out knowing what I was going to do with it to only buying yarn for things I want to make. It all has a purpose.
So I will be doing a lot of this (there I am starting the Giraffe).
While these kidos are being good and letting me. Can you tell that they are brothers?
Hubby took this great pic of M.
And Saturday we went to the Ren Fair and here O is being a Knight. My cuties!


6 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Mother’s Day Weekend.

  1. Great to have the yarn ahead to play with as you look forward to knitting the toys. I'm thinking about Palette for toys also. Especially for non-babies who won't be eating them or might be sensitive to the wool in some way. There are just so many wonderful colors in Palette. Have you made up anything Palette yet and how does it do for toys?


  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What beautiful boys. They look like they are at great ages.
    Your Koala mama and baby turned out darling. They look just like the photo in the book. GREAT KNITTING!
    I am SO envious of all your yarn. You have chosen fantastic colors and brands.
    I don't think I knew about your blog. It is wonderful. I am going to add it to my favorites. I can't wait to read your previous posts. I see you have one of the books I want to get, Color by Kristin. I love her work.


  3. Mandy- Thank you!
    Sjanova- I haven't used the Palette yet but I'm looking forward to it.
    Barb- Yeah I've been following you. I heard of you on ravelry. Thank you for the compliment I try my best to get them to look the same. I was lucky and won that book Color by Kristin.


  4. What fantastic piles of yarn you have! (Said in the same tone as “Grandma, what big teeth you have!” lol).

    Your koala mamma and baby look fantastic! I should really knit that one up one of these days.

    Have fun dying the yarn – it's so cool to see what you can come up with yourself.

    And finally – your boys are adorable!


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