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I WON!!!!

This amazing giveaway on the Never Not Knitting blog that is written and all the photos are taken by Alana. She is the designer of the cedar leaf shawlette that I am knitting when I´m not knitting the scarf or toys. in this giveaway were the 12 skeins of yarn and the book COLOR by Kristin. I can´t wait to try it out.  It was funny that I won  because it was announced on her podcast that came out Saturday and in that podcast she interviewed an Icelandic lady named Ragga that has started a knitting getaway in Iceland and me winning was totally random. The knitting Iceland getaway sounds amazing even to an Icelander. Her getaway in June is already full so she is planing another in August. Anyway you can learn all about it on Alana´s podcast.

Thank you Never Not Knitting!


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