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Itty Bitty Update!

It’s a rainy day and we are all hanging out in the living room O is drawing on his dry erase board and M is taking his morning nap. We have just been taking it easy today. Just laying around and enjoying each others time.

O has been toilet training and it´s been interesting. We went from him peeing in the potty to him throwing a fit if we even mentioned it to now having to bribe him to sit on it and he doesn´t use it he just sits gets his candy and then gets off. So now he will only get bribed every other time and then after a few days of that he will only get candy if he does something in the potty. I´ve had to clean a lot of pee off the floor since he is wearing big boy undies.

So an update on my progress knitting through the itty bitty toy book. My basket is getting a little crowded and my play date group really loves them.

I finished the sheep which I made from organic knit picks left overs from the pig and the bunny and Knit Picks Crayon White. I knitted the body purl instead of knit because I thought it looked more like wool than the knit. But that was my only modification.

Then I knit the Koala. I have only finished the mama not the baby. The baby is on the needles right now. I can´t wait till I´m done with those. They are a bit darker than I would have wanted but I didn´t buy enough of the light gray yarn so I decided to use this since I had it. No modifications used. Again Knit Picks Simply Cotton Worsted in a dark heather gray. and left overs from making the Sheep the Crayon White to line the ears and the belly and left overs from making the Penguin with Wool of the Andes Black to make the nose and the face.

The KAL at my local yarn store is going well. I´m well on my way knitting the Firefly Scarf but I only knit it at the store on Wednesday nights for an hour and a half. I´ve gone 3 times now and the first was picking out a yarn and figuring out the horribly written pattern. It´s a pretty scarf (shawl).

I made a project bag for this project. I love making these.


9 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Update!

  1. Hi Olof,

    You're well on your way with the itty bittys – they look great!

    I feel your pain with the potty – we've had to abandon due to the stress. Not looking forward to tackling it again!



  2. You have some serious knitting skills! I LOVE that little sheep. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you've found some ideas from it. Can't wait to see your boy shirts!


  3. I saw you were the winner of Alana's last giveaway and I just had to say “Hi” and mention that I love your itty bitty sheep modification! What a great idea! I'm planning on knitting some toys from that book as well and that sheep is one of them, so I'll have use your mod. 🙂 -Ve


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