Busy Weekend.

We have had an eventful weekend. We have gotten things done in the garden, are in the process of rearranging our living room, gone to the farmers market, and even went to a coffee shop. I even finished the lamb from itty bitty toys. Leaving me pooped at the moment.
We started with going to the farmers market but not buying anything. We were there to meet our friends there. I was going to buy some thyme to grow in my garden because the seeds that I had did not take. But I didn’t have my planters ready. I did some actual work on that today.
We went from the farmers market to a coffee shop with our friends and this place actually had a kids corner. It was nice being able to take the kids along and not worry about bothering anyone. 
We are rearranging the living room so that I can use my treadmill again. My weight loss has come to a stop and I have quite a bit left to make it to my pre pregnancy weight so on I go to my treadmill which is what worked for me last time I dropped a lot of weight and I love the way I feel when I’m done.
The Lamb is done and I really like the way it turned out. I knit the body all in purl because I liked the way it looked better than just knit. I’m now working on the larger koala. I’ve finished the body, head and ears. The gray I am using for them is a bit dark but I guess the kids won’t complain. I’ll make it with a lighter gray if I make it for someone else.
I hope everyone else had a good weekend. Anybody do anything fun?


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