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Cought in the rain, the local yarn store and my finished projects.

I took my sons out for a walk and a stop at the local park where O had a great time playing with a girl that was playing there when we got there. Well, we finish being at the park and I go on with my park. I knew that it was going to rain soon so I hurry up and just go the short rout. We had been at the park too long anyway, it was time for O´s nap. Well my house is on top of this big hill and when we are at the very bottom of it the rain starts and it starts pouring. M is pretty well covered in my gorgeous Phil and Ted´s stroller (every woman with 2 young kids should have one of these) but O was only wearing shorts and the rain was cold. So what does mamma do? Yep you guessed it, mamma starts running like the lives of her sons depends on her getting them home out of the rain. My neighbor was sitting on her porch and saw me coming and all she could do was laugh at me. I was soaking wet and so out of shape that I couldn´t run the last part. By the time I got every body in the house I had to dry us off and change clothes and I was worried that I would just pass out somewhere and my sons would have to fend for themselves until I came to again. Lucky for me M was hungry and I had an excuse to sit down and nurse him so I turned on cartoons for O while I nursed M and I got to catch my breath.

Anyway, on the note of knitting, I have joined my local yarn store KAL and I´m knitting the Firefly Fringed Scarf with Firefly by classic elite yarns. By finishing this and sending in a pic I could win a basket full of yarn goodies from classic elite yarns. I´m excited.

Before going to my local yarn store I have had yarn waiting to be knit from a Cedar Leaf Sawlette and I could not resist it and I cast on and before long I had finished 2 inches of it. I started feeling like I was cheating on my toys so I put it aside and went back to my toy knitting.

Yesterday I hosted a play date here at my home and introduced the kids to my knitted toys and they were a complete hit. The Squishies were flying and the bunnies and the pig were being hugged and played with. I just wish I had been smart enough to grab the camera and take some pics of this. This attention from these kids got my knitting juices going and I finished the Penguin except for his eyes last night. I also have the 2 nesting boxes here that I have finished so far. I think I will be working on those for a while.

Anyway. I´m really tired after a long day. I´m going to head off to bed and maybe blog some more tomorrow.


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