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Update from my knitting and gardening.

Ok I was a good girl and I went to the store and got some plastic mesh for the nesting boxes and I started working on this last night. Oh my this is not fun. I have to say that this project is the worst of them all but that is because I don´t like sewing by hand and this is a LOT of sewing by hand. I´m sure I will be very proud of myself when I am done but right now I´m really not feeling this project but if I don´t finish this soon I will end up not finishing this project.

I have finished the Squishies (I plan to make more those were fun) I made one in each size.  I have also started on the penguin. I have finished the natural piece which I knit out of Icelandic Lett Lopi and I´m working on the black piece made from Knit Picks wool of the Andes. I´m sorry but I think this is the ugliest project in this book.  I really enjoyed making the rabbit and the pig because of all the knitting and shaping but this is not any shaping. Just garter stitch .
I am looking forward to knitting the Koala and the Lamb, but most of all looking forward to knitting the Giraffe.

I was looking at RoseKnits shop on Etsy and she inspired me to make my own project bags but I needed to figure out how to make those cubes so I went searching on  Google and found this blog by Jane and I got a step by step tutorial on how to make one. So today I went in to my craft room to find a zipper to try to make one and I found one. It was a bit short to make one for my knitting but it was great for this and that that I needed to keep in my knitting basket. It was great practice and I can’t wait to go buy a longer zipper and make a larger bag for my knitting on the go. I love the fabric that I used though.

When I went to buy the mesh for the nesting boxes I found a basket to put all of the itty bitty knitting stuff in to keep everything in one place.
I´m thinking about dyeing my own yarn. I can´t wait to try it myself. I think I will try sock yarn first and then see how it goes. If I like it and if I can sell it then I might start dyeing more. 

My plants are coming along in the window and I can´t wait to get them in the ground but I am waiting for my brother to bring all the soil that I need for my planter boxes. My husband was amazing enough to make my veggie boxes today. He is so amazing.  The rest I can do and I can´t wait to do it. The sooner I get them out the sooner they will start producing fruit. I have to get my carrots down before it gets too hot here for them to do their thing. Also beets and Spinach.
I´ve been a good girl and I´ve been mowing my yard with a motorless lawnmower. Since the grass is not growing very fast right now and I´m just basically mowing the weeds in my lawn it´s been easy and that way we are not wasting gas on it and I can work on my tan wile doing yard work.

My 2 year old surprises me everyday now. He is learning so fast and just is such a great kid. I love just watching him play and watch how he learns something new all on his own. Then my husband or I, show him something new and he will sit there and practice what we just showed him for a long time. Today I wrote out the first 8 letters of the alphabet and told him what each letter was on a peace of paper and let him color on the same peace of paper while I was writing on it and he tried to trace the letters and repeated what I had said. I don´t know if I have told you this before but I am teaching my sons Icelandic and that is all I speak to them. My husband speaks English to them. So they are learning both languages at once.


3 thoughts on “Update from my knitting and gardening.

  1. Yay for gardening! Your seedlings look great. And O is adorable. It's great that your kids are exposed to Icelandic and English… they will be twice as smart!


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