Birthday parties, chocolate eggs, and knitted pigs.

It was O´s 2nd birthday yesterday but we had the party on Saturday so that everybody could make it. It was very interesting to realize that it had been 2 years since I went through giving birth to him and absolutely falling in love with my perfect boy. He was worth every labor pain and every sleepless night. The stretchmarks on my stomach remind me every day that I went through the most amazing thing in the world: Giving birth to one of the most amazing persons I know. That me and my husband created a life by loving each other and that I carried and nursed him till he was able to eat and walk on his own. Now my job is to teach him to be a good person and a productive member of society. I´d like him to be able to love freely and be creative. To be afraid to love is like being in a prison made by yourself. Yes you might get hurt but you don´t miss out on all the great things that come with it.

He didn´t want his cake but he did like the whipped cream that came with it.

I even tried to tempt him with adding M&Ms to it and it didn’t work. 

We had an Easter Egg hunt for his birthday party. All the kids had soooo much fun. I of course had too many eggs. I expected more kids but they could not make it. SO my nephews were really happy with their huge bags of eggs that they ended up taking home with them.

He got this lawnmower from Anton and his family and he loves it He runs all over the place with it. Why they haven´t made a kid friendly lawn mower that actually cuts grass I do not know. Who ever figures that out will make millions.

This is him waking up to pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream on his birthday. As you can see he likes his whipped cream. He also liked the pancakes but was not too thrilled about the blueberries.

He got an Icelandic Easter egg on his birthday, Easter Sunday. I ended up eating most of his and mine so I´m so I get to do a lot of walking this week to make up for it.

Here´s Magni just chilling on his brother´s birthday. He is just too cute and becoming such a munchkin. You can tell that he is getting plenty to drink from his mommy.

The pig is finished and I love how it turned out. It was a fun knit. I have started on project #2 in the book now. They are called sqishies and are knitted balls that are squishy. Using already owned yarn for this project. probably some peaches and cream and some of my natural colors. I did make a purchase from Knit Picks though because I needed yarn for the giraffe and the lamb. I will knit the Penguin and the koala mama and baby next but after that the lamb and the Giraffe. I love all the shaping done in the animals that I have been making. I still haven´t made it to the store to get the plastic mesh. You guys will just have to wait on seeing that project finished since I have a toddler and a 2 month old and really don´t feel like going with both of them alone and weekends have been crazy with company lately.


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