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Motherhood and its classy moments.

We had an interesting day today. M started off with having a poo explosion which meant that he had to poo up to his shoulder blades and down to his heals by the time I had him out of the poopy clothes then I bathed him and got him in fresh clothes when I smell O and he was poopy. Well I lay M down to change O´s diaper and M start crying because he was hungry. I hurry up and change O and dress him for the day and then grab M to feed him. Well during M´s feeding he ends up throwing up all over him, me and the boppy. So needless to say M was stripped down and bathed again and got a fresh set of clothes. When that was done I laid him down to strip myself down to get fresh clothes and then I dropped all of our clothes in the washer and washed everything. All this before 10am.
O seams to be teething. If you look at the pic his shirt is wet with drool which he normally doesn´t do. By the end of the evening he was wet all the way down to his pants. Poor guy was just not himself today and yesterday he was throwing tantrums.
I have finished the rabbit except for his scarf. I forgot to make it before I started knitting the pig. I´ve almost finished the pig´s body. Then I will make the scarf to finish this bunny.
ve been blessed with wonderful parents, siblings, and in-laws. My dad, brother, father in law and my husband have finished fencing in my back yard for me and now I can let my son out the back and watch him from the dining room while M has been to sick to take him outside. Poor O has been inside so much that I think if he got any whiter that he would become see through. We got a 6 foot privacy fence so I will be able to play with O in our inflated pool this summer with out worrying if someone can see me. I don´t care if my son sees me in a bikini but I do care if the rest of the world does.
My mom has been great as well. She has cleaned and been so great with the kids. We even got a date night on hubby´s birthday Monday. I nursed M and pumped some and we went out to eat and talked and then came back and M was still asleep. Bottle was never needed.
My dad is now being so great as well. He is fixing up the Attic fan that hasn´t worked since we bought the house. It will save us loads of money when it starts heating up. He just started his retirement and is still adjusting to not having to go to work. I told him that there were plenty of things to do around our house if he is bored. He laughed.

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