My bunnies, green sprouts and little sprouts.

So M has been really sick the last few days with a bad cold. I´ve had to hold him a lot and not been able to do much of anything until yesterday. My trip to the store to buy the plastic mesh never happened and now I have broken my own rule about knitting everything in order from the book itty bitty toys because I didn´t have the yarn to make the penguin nor the koala so I started on the bunny and I´m almost finished with it. It is a quick knit and fun as well. I finished the chubby bunny from itty bitty nursery except for his face and now I only have a leg and both of the bunny´s feet left to make on the bunny from itty bitty toys. I also used the same organic cotton yarn from knit picks to make this bunny so it is all made with the natural colors and not the pure white and pink. I really like the way it is coming out. I also think I will make a little scarf for this one like the one made for the chubby bunny.
My seeds are sprouting in my window and I am very excited about it. The only thing is that it is going to snow tomorrow.
We also got a new camera yesterday. It was my husbands birthday present but I will be allowed to use it as well and have today to take these pics. I´m amazed at how much better these pics look just because they are taken on a six hundred dollar camera that has amazing auto focus.

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