Belly Update and Other Things From Iceland.

The belly is still here. I´m 39 weeks, 5 days pregnant and it seems like this belly is not going anywhere anytime soon. I´m so much larger this time then I was last time with stretch marks to show for it. I get Braxton Hicks contractions but no practice real contractions. I´ve been dealing with a cold since I got here and ended up on antibiotics which worked for a little while but I have a sinus infection again and a cough. I´m going to go see the Dr. again today with my son that had the same cold but his had an ear infection as well. He has had 2 rounds or strong antibiotics and we are going to take him to a specialist if it hasn´t cleared up with this last round of antibiotics.
Hubby is here and I am so glad that I didn´t go into labor yet. I really want him to be here when this baby takes it´s first breath and gets its first glimpse of the outside world. Mom is going to be in the delivery room as well. They were a perfect team last time when O was born.
I´ve been looking at pics from the last delivery and remembering my natural birth. Even though it was long I wouldn´t change a thing about it. I can´t say that I wouldn´t do some things different this time around. I will make sure hubby gets to rest some during early stages of labor and that he eats and stuff. I will rest more before I deliver and relax better during labor. Last time I was just so excited about being in labor and that this was actually happening.
The weather here has not been great. Wind and rain most days so O has been inside a lot. He is about to loose his poor little mind. Hubby will take him out today. He really loves being outside. He doesn´t need toys out here. There are so many things to do and see. There is a stream that he gets to throw rocks in and horses to feed bread to and sticks to poke things with and a swing older than I am.
I will post some pics of us soon on here where O is all dressed to go out in the rain and I have the belly the size of a house.


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