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Assessment, Family Therapy and Sleepless Nights.

So I´m at Panera Bread again trying to cram in some info for a finale tomorrow. I´m in a group of people that decided to tackle the study guide together. I´m so glad I did because otherwise I would be up poo creek with out a paddle. I´m finishing up my part which is summarizing 20 pages down to 3-4 pages of material in assessment and I haven´t even started on the study guide for family therapy but I believe that to be a little easier.
My assessment teacher returned my MMPI-2 report with more of her writing on it than mine explaining how I wrote it wrong and that I needed to redo it so that I can get a grade for it. Apparently that happened to half of the class which makes you wonder if it is the class or the teacher that is the problem.
It was my turn to sleep in today and I couldn´t do it. Of course DH had to use the restroom before taking O downstairs with him and in that time O wanted attention. I thought that I was tired enough to pass out after they went downstairs but as soon as DH came back and took O my bellydweller started to do his morning arobics and then 20 min later of trying to pass out my stomach started growling. I was mad. This is the second weekend in a row that I do not get my morning of sleep and DH got both of his because he has no problem falling asleep again no matter what is going on. Next weekend I´m spending the night in the guest bedroom and they can duke it out. I can´t keep missing out on my sleep and be tired all the time. O still has a problem sleeping through the night and I´m the one that gets up to him at night and in the morning while DH gets to sleep at night and sleep in in the mornings while I (the pregnant wife) gets one morning a week and have not gotten that the last 2 weeks because of her stupid body and brain.
Lets just say that lately I have really been craving some wine. Not just a half a glass but a half a bottle. I don´t drink while pregnant but man the craving is still there. I only got 2 months of being able to drink and eat what ever I wanted before getting pregnant again. I had 2 months were I was not breastfeeding nor pregnant. I did not use those 2 months well enough and I have learned that next time I will enjoy it better.


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