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Did it!

Finished 5 papers in 2 days. I can´t believe it. I also have done 3 loads of laundry and run the dishwasher twice. I´m even planing on making goulash for dinner. I guess I´m out of my funck. I do have study guides to do and I have to re write my MMPI-2 report. The teacher turned it back to me with more writing on it than I wrote telling me how I did it wrong. I guess it´s back to the drawing board.
Me and O went out to play in the cold today. it´s below freezing and he will not wear a hat. We were outside for about 20 min when he just started getting fussy about everything because he wasn´t allowed to play in the street. So we went back inside. He is now having a snack and watching Toy Story. He loves Buzz. He has a Buzz shirt and sweater and when he wears it (which he is right now) he keeps pointing at Buzz and saying Bus Bus.It´s very cute.
About my knitting progress. I have finished 3 x-mas presents and am well on my way on 2 more. I´m also making a new hat for DH. I´m finishing it tonight since it is soooo cold here. It was in the single digits this morning here in Tulsa. I´ll post some pics of these projects soon.

Peace out!


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