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End of Semester Mess.

So it’s the end of the semester and finals are quickly approaching. I have 5 reaction papers due tomorrow and I am having a hard time starting anything. Because of my anxiety of having so much to do I even have a hard time keeping up with housework. It is normal at this house for the house to go to pot when finals or final projects are almost due. It’s like the project is so great that I have to do for school that I can’t even think about unloading or loading the dishwasher but it’s not like I’m doing homework in stead. I’m probably just sitting on the couch with my laptop in hand doing what I am doing right now or stuck on Facebook dreading the fact that I have to do all of this work that I am honestly too tired to do after not getting a full nights sleep in years.
All I need to do is get started and chip at these 5 reaction papers one at a time but all I see is 5 reaction papers that are all due tomorrow and I haven’t started. It becomes so grand that my brain goes on overload and crashes and turns me into this zombie that just sits on the couch and does nothing even though there are plenty of things to do. Am I alone in this process of waiting till the last min to get everything done and then when it comes down to it it’s finished and then I can get back to my life? My home literally goes from being a pigsty to being nice in about a week after finals.
I know I am doing way too many things at once most of the time and I guess that is why I get so overwhelmed. I’m knitting X-mas presents, keeping a home, taking care of my toddler, I threw a dinner party on Sunday, getting ready for the holidays, studying for finals,32 weeks pregnant, running my own business, getting ready to go back to Iceland to have this baby and doing 11 hours in grad school. I just don’t know where to stop if I want to get to where I want to be. Is it greedy of me to want to finish grad school now so that I can enjoy my children better later with a better income?

Anyway, Peace out I need ot start my 1 of 5 papers for Dr. Coopers


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