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Giving Thanks During this Holiday Season.

I wanted to post a posting that shows the things that I am thankful for. I know Thanksgiving was a week ago but I was busy with a house full of guests and a final project that I needed to finish.

I am thankful for:
My wonderful life.
My beautiful son that taught me how much I could love because before having him I thought I knew what unconditional love was but I had no idea how drunk in love you could get with your child. My child could do anything and I would still love him.
My great husband that works so hard to provide and take care of his ever growing family. He is my best friend and the first love of my life. He is the one that taught me to slow down and face what ever comes my way. He is also so very supportive of my decisions on going to school and the best dad for my son that I could have asked for.
My amazing body that is growing a healthy baby boy that is due January 29th of 2010. I still watch my belly in awe when it starts moving all on its own and I think wow, there is a human being in there that is alive and thinking but doesn´t need air because I supply him with oxygen with my body.
My home that I have owned for the last 4 and a half years and my son has spent his first years of life.
My POS car that I have owned for over 8 years now and amazes me that it still runs. I´m thankful for every time it starts and gets me from point A to point B. It is its last winter though and it won´t make it through another summer. A new car is on the to do list.
My brain. It has gotten me this far in my masters degree and helped my adapt to the countries that I have lived in.
My parents. They are a god´s send. They have raised me and helped me get to where I am. I would never have become the person I am with out their support and guidance. It´s their unconditional love and support that is making it possible for me to go back to Iceland to have this baby. They are also always ready to let my husband and I go out for a date when they come to visit and we never have to ask.
My large family that is always there for me no matter how long I have been away. I´ve lived in a foreign country now for 10 years and have only gone home to Iceland for visits that have not lasted longer than 3 months at a time.
My in-laws for being so kind to my son and help my husband with the things that need to be done around the house.
My friends that have stuck by me through the years. I have a few that have been there for me through thick and thin.
My Icelandic citizenship and all that that entails. I´m getting great student loans and even though I´m going to school I still get my 6 months of maternity leave.
My abilities to knit. I am thankful for my grandmother teaching me to knit when I was very young and now I can take a ball of yarn and some needles and make almost anything cloth like. It helps that I come from a very creative family.
My business and the extra income it brings in for my family. (we ship everywhere in the world by the way)
How cheap it is to live in Tulsa. Would never be able to go to grad school and own a home like I do if the cost of living wasn´t as cheap as it is here.
The ability to be at home with my son during the day and watch him grow and develop from being a baby to a toddler.
O´s daycare that takes good care of him 3 days a week from 2pm-5:30pm making it possible for me to go to school and have a day to get errands done with out having a toddler in tow.
My Roomba vacuum that makes life just a little easier.
Healthy frozen meals that you can buy at the grocery store that has saved me and my family from too much fast food and saved us so much money.
My husbands ability to make great wine and beer that we can give to friends and family at x-mas and that one day I will be able to enjoy when I quit being pregnant and breastfeeding. One day he will make a business of this ability of his.
That my cats are now outside cats and are not bringing in fleas and cat hair. And no more cat litter being carried all over the house.

That is it for now I need to get back to my nesting in my house. I´ve had the urge to rearrange everything and get ready for baby which can make a mess.

With love,


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