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So we figured out why my son was getting so sick the last few weeks. He has been vomiting and 3 nights in a row he threw up all night long. Came to find out that he suddenly could not handle the cows milk before bed. Now that he only gets a little milk here and there through the day he is doing a lot better. Last night was hard though. He is getting teeth and was waking up every hour and man am I beat.

He seems to almost always have nights like this the night before I have a big project do for school and need to be able to work fast while he takes a nap and when he goes to daycare. Today is going to be rough and I think I might finish a full cup of coffee today to try to keep myself going. I really don´t like doing that. A cup is considered safe during pregnancy but I try to keep myself at half a cup each day. I´m just so tired today that writing this blog post is actually an effort.

To do today:
Finish bio for Family Therapy
Type the 2 reaction papers I hand wrote on saturday at Barns & Noble
Read today´s chapter and write a 2 page reaction paper for it
Clean the kitchen
and make it to class on time.

Any extra energy that anybody can give me now would be greatly appreciated.


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