I think he might be a brake-dancer!

I grow rounder and rounder every day. My belly gets bigger and bigger and each day I enjoy feeling this little bellydweller twist and turn. During my last ultrasound 4 weeks ago the Dr. said that there was loads of fluid there and the baby is happy with all the room to move and boy does he. My belly is all over the place. Sometimes I think he is just brake-dancing in there. The other night I was laying in bed with my husband. I was using my husband as a body pillow so that I was comfortable enough to fall asleep and the baby kicked so hard that my husband thought that the baby was giving him a massage.
People gasp at the sight of me. Wondering if I am carrying twins. I still have 11 weeks left of this pregnancy and I am huge! I can´t imagine what I´m going to look like at the end of this pregnancy. I´ll have my own area code.
My toddler likes the belly. He likes sitting in my lap and using the belly as a back rest. He also likes to climb up on top of my belly and then start bouncing. I keep telling him that he can´t start beating his brother up yet. He isn´t even out of the womb yet. Odinn still thinks this is totally hilarious.


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