Thank GOD!

DS is not sick. He only had a low grade fever last night because he is getting teeth in. I was so worried about how today would go. How I was going to finish my work. He will be going to daycare today and I will be going to school to study and finish my paper. God I hope I can finish this thing on time.
This morning started off with a bang. My son found one of my candles that was in a glass container. You know, those candles that catholic people use in prayer. He threw it on the floor and is scattered pieces of glass all over the living room floor. I ended up snatching DS up and putting him in his high chair with a snack and started sweeping up the glass. Got the Rumba out and started it. Ended up having to clean the living room this morning even though I was not in the mood. But now my living room is nice and I need to finish the kitchen. At least I was productive. Now back to writing a paper for Family therapy.


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