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Can’t Catch a Brake!

So now both my husband and son are running a fever. DH has had a fever for 2 days and DS just started with his. Because of this I am poo out of luck to be able to study. DH is too sick to take care of a sick DS and DS cannot go to daycare. That leaves me what time to study? We also have guests coming this Thursday so I need to keep the house clean.

I don’t know how I have made it this far this semester with all the illness going on. I’m actually passing my classes but with all the final projects coming up it is time for this family to get healthy and stop being sick. I can’t miss any more school and I need time to study. I have to do a MMPI-2 report, a biography for Cloe Madanes for my Family therapy class (this is due tomorrow and I have a page done), I need to lead a group in my group therapy class and I need to write a group proposal. I don’t know how I am going to get all of this done in the next few weeks but it does have to get done and I need to do it well.

I’ve started on my biography paper on Cloe Madanes. She is still around and is nice enough to answer my e-mails with questions about her life. About my group class, does anybody know a good book with group exercises that can help me with leading my group?


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