Great Weekend!

We had such a great weekend. Lots of family time. We are all feeling better finally.

Yesterday we went to LaFortune park. The weather was perfect and there were lots of people there. Odinn had soooo much fun playing with all the kids and just sliding and running. He had so much fun the he through a huge fit when we had to leave an hour later. Then we went to Barns & Noble to look for a birthday present for our nephew and Odinn had a great time playing with the wooden train set in the children´s area. It was just such a nice time as a family out of the house.

Then today I was catching up with laundry but we still made time to go to the neighborhood park and Odinn got to play and run and swing. He loved the swing and really didn´t want to get out of it at all. But he was starting to get a little chilly so it was time to go back home.

The sweater that I´m knitting for DS is coming along quickly. I can´t wait to finish it so that I can get started on the next project. I have so many that I want to get started on.

School work is getting being put on hold. I really need to get on it but I just can´t get motivated. I´m going to go straight to school on Monday when I drop Odinn off at daycare and really get down to business on all the homework. I´m just so glad that my son is feeling better and that he can go to daycare.


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