What is With All the Illness in This House?

I’m starting to wonder if there is something in our house that is lowering our immune system. We have now had something going on from a stomach flu to a cold to something else for about 6 weeks now. I got the stomach bug on Thursday night and then had a bad few days after where I could not drink enough liquids or eat enough calories to keep my pregnant body going. By Saturday I was worried that I would have to go in to get an IV to rehydrate me so I wouldn’t go into preterm labor. My lips were sooooo dry that I was worried that my lip would just split in two and I was soooo thirsty but every time I took a drink my belly would just reject and make me so nauseous that I couldn’t drink any more than a few sips at a time. I forced myself out to trick or treat with DS on Saturday night though and I’m glad I did. My little boy was Yoda and the cutest little Yoda ever. He loved going to houses and handing out his hand for candy. People didn’t seem to see him and would want to just put the candy in the bag and he would get disappointed so we would get the candy out and let him put it back in the bag. The great thing was that he had no idea what he was putting in his bag but yesterday he got to try his first lolly pop and he loved it. This morning he found his trick or treat bag, got in it and fished out another lolly pop. Of course we couldn’t say no so he got a desert after having a healthy breakfast. He didn’t want anything else in his bag. Just that lolly pop. hahah. He will be eating this candy for months. We only went to a hand full of houses but each house gave 3-4 candies so there was plenty of candy after only 10 houses and by that time I couldn’t walk any further being dehydrated and pregnant.


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