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X-mas preparation has started.

I´ve started working on some x-mas presents for this year. I think I will be able to make something for everyone this year. I have some great ideas that I can´t post here because some of these people read my blog so I guess I will not be posting pics of these projects till after x-mas but I am very busy knitting.
DS isn´t feeling his best. He is not really sick but he has a sinus infection from being sick last time. We are going in for his 18 month check up so the Dr. will be able to tell us if we will be needing some antibiotics. I hope we can skip the antibiotics because he is still recovering from having the runs as well. My poor little man has been sick with everything but the flu and H1N1 which I am very glad for. We are planing not to get the vaccinations for them this year. I do not trust it for me, being pregnant and all, or Odinn because he is still so little.
Grad school has been good. I´m a little behind on a few projects but my family therapy teacher just gave us an incentive to finish early by giving us 5 extra credit points if we are the first to finish all 10 assignments early. I´ve done 3 of the reaction papers and I still have 7 to go. So I have to read 7 chapters and do a reaction paper over each one. Hopefully I can finish by next week and get the extra 5 credit points and not have to worry about doing them for the rest of the semester. A few papers are do soon but they are not too bad. I also have to lead a group in group therapy class and I can´t make up my mind on if I want to lead a group on stress eating or just anxiety. I´m thinking that my fellow college students will be able to identify better with just anxiety. What do you guys think?
Assessment has been interesting the last few times since we are actually working on the MMPI-2 and we get to analyze ourselves. Makes it interesting. I keep getting some depression characteristics because they are the same as pregnancy symptoms which just shows how important it is to do an actual interview with the client to know if there are any medical reasons for a person to get a wrong psychological diagnosis.


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