My car is dieing and other projects.

SO my car has been dieing for the last 2 or 3 years but my husband and father in law have been keeping it alive some how. For the last 2 or 3 summers I have not been able to drive the car in temps over 90 on the highway with out it over heating and me having to pull over and wait 10 min in the heat for it to start up again. I also have to drive under 55 miles per hour because if I don´t it over heats which is really fun when the speed limit is 65 or 70. People are really pleased with you. It was normal for me to have to stop like that about 2 times on my way to school and by the way I could not use the air conditioning if temps were over 90 either. Oh and if it´s over 90 degrees out I also can not let my car idle at Sonic or at the drive through because then it would over heat as well. This was especially pleasant when I was in my first trimester and felt like I was going to toss my cookies.
Well, with this bellydweller on the way and the last mishap with my car (the windows were left open over night wile there was a massive thunderstorm and it got soaked and it kept raining for weeks so the car never really dried out which means…. drum role please….. MOLD!!! to the point where my eyes would tear up when I got in to it). Seeing that my car is now a bio-hazard I will not put my children in it. So now we are looking for a new car. I want a Mazda 5 that is about 2-4 years old but for some reason it can´t be found for sale. I guess it´s a good car that people are holding on to. I can only find them for sale at dealers and they are only a year old which means they are still a bit too pricey. I also wouldn´t mind a nice station wagon that is about 2 years old. I want decent MPGs. No guzzler for the tree hugging hippie. Finding a new, used care, is hard.

Anyways I have been doing a lot of knitting whild DS was sick and all we did was watch cartoons because he just didn´t feel like doing anything and I finished a nice Cowl from the new holiday 2009 vogue knitting magazine. I finished it in one day. I´m also knitting a beret from it. I don´t know if I like it. I used a varigated yarn and it makes it hard to see the detail in the lace work in it. I might just frog it and buy a sock yarn that is a single color and knit it over again. Or finish it and use it. I don´t know yet.
The shawl that I started on is coming along. I just have to put it down and work on other things since I´m making it with a lace weight yarn and it is taking forever so I get bored.
My fall garden is coming right a long. DS helped me get the seeds in so there are seedlings coming up here and there. I´ll include a pic.

The beret from vogue knitting

The Cowl stretched out from Vogue knitting

Modeling the Cowl

The Shawl that I´m making for myself.


Fall garden.


And last but not least my Plymouth Neon 1996 that is about to kick the bucket.


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