Interesting past week.

Mom and dad were here and it was great. Mom was like an angel that cooked and cleaned and dad did some of the honey do´s that DH hasn´t had time to do and his fear of heights were getting in the way of him doing.
Me and DH also got a night out which was like a god send. We went to dinner and I ate and he drank since he had already eaten at work. We talked and then went to Barns and Noble for a while for a drink and desert while looking at books and magazines while discussing dreams of projects and trips that we want to take.
We then went to go see Surrogates at the AMC. Interesting movie. Interesting concept. Horrible seats for a prego girl.
It was amazing getting to go out in the evening and do adult things with out having a toddler to chase all over the place. Don´t get me wrong, I love my son more than anything in this world but getting to go out and just be the two of us was just so amazing and I am so thankful to have parents that come all the way from Iceland and let us do this together while they get to spend time with their grandson. We never have to ask. They always ask us if we wouldn´t like a night out.
The day after that DS starts getting sick and then just spikes a fever for 3 days straight. We took him to the Dr. and they said that it was not the flu and that it was just a virus. He doesn´t have a fever now he just has a runny nose but he was pretty miserable there for a while because his nose was so stuffed up that he just could not breath very well which meant that he wasn´t sleeping very well. I´m usually pretty good at getting up at any time with DS when he gets up at night but after 4 nights of getting up several times a night, last night I had to use every last strength I had to get up to him last night. I haven´t felt that tired in a really long time.
I had my ultrasound to make sure that everything was were it should be after the 20 week ultrasound tech having some concerns about the placenta´s height and shape. This time she said that everything is great and I am A OK to go to Iceland to have this little bellydweller.
People are already commenting on how huge I am. It´s nice to know that I´m bigger than I ”should” be. Always makes you feel better.


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