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School and other things.

I´m so glad with this year’s semester. I have 3 classes which are Assessment, Group Therapy and Family Therapy and so far the work has not been overload which makes a huge difference.

Mom and dad are coming to visit from Iceland this weekend and I can’t wait to see them. Dad just had my brother buy him an RV and I’m sure he just can’t wait to see it and try it out. Mom and dad plan to travel the US in it after my dad retires in January. I’m so lucky to have parents that can travel that often and come to visit us. When they come, me and hubby get a date night and we can’t wait and it is also great that Odinn really gets to know them since they are living with use for a week at a time when they come.

Odinn had picture day at daycare today so he had to go to daycare early. Normally he doesn’t go till 2pm and is there till 5:30 but today he is going to be there from 10am till 5:30. I was there for his picture and it went great. He smiled and everything. Looking forward to getting them and be able to send them to friends and family.

Me and Hubby are going to take advantage of him going to daycare yearly today and going to go out for lunch with out having to run after an 18 month old. Maybe even meet with friends and just be adults!

I’m also using the time to study and update my blog. I should go upstairs and get to cleaning up the guestbedroom so that mom and dad can stay there and we can easily convert it to a room for my little man. He really needs his own room before this baby arrives. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have him and a new born in our room even though there is room.

The Rumba has been working great for me. It’s great to be able to do dishes and dust while the floor is being vacuumed for you. All I need now is a Scuba to clean my floors and then I will be set.


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