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Sick This Weekend.

I had planed to plant my fall garden this weekend but ended up sick on the couch. I did order some cool seeds from burpee.com and looking forward to planting them when I´m feeling better.

I did get some knitting done and I finished the 2 projects I was making for a friend and I need to take a pic of them and give them so that I can post pics of them here.

My poor son had to spend the weekend in the house because his parents were not feeling well. Now he has started feeling bad. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and we can spend some time outside.

We had friends over on Friday night for an order in of P.F. Changes and some home made wine, mead (that´s honey wine), and beer. We had a great time catching up and DS could just go to bed when it was his bed time. It was a great night that was cheaper and less stressful than going out to eat. It makes such a difference not having to pay for drinks and a tip.


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