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About to plant my fall garden.

So my summer garden got left out in the heat of the summer and morning sickness and tiredness of being pregnant. Now I´m in the second trimester and felling so much better. We found out that I am pregnant with a boy. Yay! Two boys close in age. Fun times.
Anyway, this weekend will be spent cleaning up the summer garden and planting my fall garden so that we can have fresh salads, potatoes, peas and in the spring some leek, onion, and garlic.
I have a few projects on the knitting needles as well. 2 are gifts so I will not be showing them here till I´m done. I´m also working on a shrug for me. The only thing I can make for myself right now that I can use while pregnant and when I´m not. We will see how it goes. Now that I know that I am having a boy I want to knit lots of little boy clothes that I didn´t get to making for my older son.
Fall classes have started and this semester I´m taking assessment, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy. Then this January when this baby is do I will start my year leave from grad school. I´m going to enjoy being with my children and doing the best that I can for them and my husband.

On another note, I got my birthday present from dear husband early this year and it was a rumba vacuum. It is the best gift he could have given me. My floors are so clean now of cat hair and dust and cheerios. You know the normal things that end up on the floor when you have a 17 month old. But who would have thought that you can have a robot clean your floors for you. Just turn it on and do something else . Or do nothing. It´s like having someone come in and clean for you.
I also started using the pledge multi surface and I clean so much faster. All I need to clean is my roomba and the pledge multi surface and I have the room clean in no time.

Oh, one more thing that I am taking on since I will not be in school this up coming year is me and a friend are starting a podcast. It will cover the normal day to day life of a modern eco-conscious mom and things that are going on in the world. It will mostly be me and a mom hanging out, her drinking wine and talking and me not drinking wine but probably indulging on some really good tea or a new gourmet chocolate.


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