How blessed we are….

For so many things.

For the friends that we have, our family and our ability to travel.

I am lucky enough that when I was having a hard time keeping up with school because of my son getting sick for 10 days straight, all I had to do is call my parents on a Thursday and they where in Tulsa from Iceland by Saturday. It was like an angel was sent to me because mom and dad took care of my son, the cooking and the cleaning so that I could focus on finishing my final projects for class. I went from failing my classes to getting straight B’s this semester. I was so afraid that this would be my final semester in gradschool and that I was not going to become what I was starting to get really good at which is a counselor. Just the process of helping people figure out what is important to them and what they really want and how to get there is just so rewarding. I’m glad that I have to opportunity to keep going because I have a loving and supporting family.

We are in the Caribbean on the island of St. Thomas visiting our friend Thomas and his wife and son who is 8 years old. The only reason we were able to come is because we have great friends and neighbors taking care of our plants, home and pets and having a friend here in the islands that owns vacation property and is letting us stay in one of the units free of charge. He is also taking us out on his boat this week. Financially we are able to do this because of great student loans I am getting from Iceland that paid our credit card debt so that we could afford to come here.

The second night we were here we went to water island and it was beautiful. DS loved playing in the ocean for the first time and we got some beautiful pics. I will up load some of them later. I got some foot print pics in the sand that I think I will want to blow up and put on the wall in our bathroom. We had dinner on the beach. It was really good, fresh fish cooked with mango and coconut. It was super yummy.

The roads here are really winding and DS got car sick for the first time ever on the way to Kmart. It was really gross. We had to rip the cover off of his seat and wash it when we got back home and I was lucky that I had sweats in the diaper bag because other wise he would have gone in to Kmart only wearing a diaper.

Before I left I was able to get most everything in the veggie garden. It looked very cottage gardening. I hope the cabbage will not be bad by the time we get back. it was just starting to make a head. I have put down: cabbage, peas, soy beans, green pole beans, melon, corn, potatoes, eggplant, all kinds of tomatoes, pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, scallops, rosemary, strawberry, artichoke, 5 in one pear tree, cherry bushes and a fruit cocktail tree.


One thought on “How blessed we are….

  1. I fed your fish…They were starving! Do you normally feed them once every day? I was wondering if your guy friend really is coming by to do the cats litter box…I went to check on it and it doesn’t look like it has been touched at all! Yuck! I can go ahead and clean it if you want…I just don’t want your cats going in other places around the house. It kind of smells like cat pee already when you walk into the house 😦 Let me know what you think…I am glad you are having such a great time. It must feel great to be able to relax like that when you have been so stressed out lately!


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