Grad school woes.

I have a paper due tomorrow and I am having a hard time staying focused on it. I even left the house to finish writing it. I feel like I am behind and doing this with running a household and being a mother and running my own business is taking its toll. I got a 70 on a test in research this week. I haven´t gotten such a low grade on anything in years. It really gave me a wake up call but with no sleep and no time it is hard to keep my head over water. I know I will be a good counselor. I know that I can do this but not having time to do any work is torture. This summer I got my son into a daycare MWF from 2pm to 5:30pm and I am looking forward to having time to study and to get things done. I might have to have him start sooner. We took the tour of this place and it was great. I think this will be great both for him socially and me psychologically. We don´t have any family here to help us with DS so we are on our own. I don´t have a grandma near by to take him to when I need to breath so this will be great relief.

Well better get back to schoolwork.


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